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If you're a developer who's written a custom tool for using Nettica, perhaps you want to share it with the world. We have customers on all platforms using Nettica to manage their DNS service. If you have a submission please contact support. The tools below are provided "as-is" with no warranty of their usefulness for any particular purpose.

Nettica DNS API 1.1 Reference Platform

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The Nettica DNS API 1.1 reference plaform is a simple .Net application written in C# exercising many of the calls necessary to create a web based front-end to our services.

UNIX / BSD / LINUX DNS Update Client

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This user contribution updates an open source DNS update client to use Nettica's services.

Java Update Classes and Failover Support

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Implements failover services using Axis web services and Java. Includes a ping test application to monitor servers and email failures.

Adding and Removing Amazon EC2 Instances

Go to the project on Google Code

Allows Amazon EC2 instances and their associated infrastructure to programmatically add and remove instances dynamically to and from the Nettica DNS service. This is open-source, community written code.


Using Ruby? Open source is available for Ruby developers as well (also works with Amazon EC2)

Go to the project on RubyForge