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Nettica DNS API

Client Update API


Customer Contributions

Developer Support

Nettica provides secure public APIs for managing many of the services we offer. These APIs are standards-based to accommodate many different platforms and environments, allowing seamless integration of our products with your infrastructure.

Nettica DNS API 1.1

As part of our growing commitment to providing outstanding features to our customers, we have developed a Web Service API for managing domains programmatically. In order to use or test these APIs you must be a current Nettica Bulk DNS customer.

The API allows you to programmatically:

  • Create Primary Zones
  • Create Secondary Zones
  • Delete Zones
  • List Your Domains
  • List All DNS Records for a Specific Domain
  • Add DNS Records (A, MX, CNAME)
  • Delete DNS Records
  • Update DNS Records
  • Get Your Current Service Status (Credits Remaining, Total, Expiration)

The API is a standard .Net Framework XML Web Service running over HTTPS and SOAP. The schema for the service may be found here:

The WSDL can be located here:

If you are a PHP developer, use the WSDL URL to instantiate the service. When using the API you must base64 encode your password before passing it to the API.

The API is firm and will not change except for bug fixes. Please contact Support if you plan to try out this service. We have a reference implementation available to use as a guide for implementing your own applications, as well as an API reference. The source code is available here. Contact support for complete details.

There are a number of customer contributions that may assist you in developing against the service.

DNS Client Update HTTP API

We make updating the IP address of your host as simple as doing a simple GET request against a URL. For example:

This makes it extremely easy to update your IP address using scripts or simple applications. The format of the API is as follows:


Parameter Description
U User Name
P Password, bin.base64 encoded (uuencoded)
PC Password, clear text (be sure to use SSL)
D Domain Name
A Host Name (A record)
FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
O Old IP address
N New IP address

* If FQDN is specified, A, D, and O are not required.

Return Codes

Return Code Description
200 Record successfully updated
404 Bad User Name, Password, or Domain Name
400 Error updating record

If successful, the HTTP result code is 200. Otherwise, there was an error updating the record.


In addition to the simple HTTP request, Nettica provides a more advanced Web Services API for retrieving the list of hosts that are available for a given user. To retrieve this list you submit a well-formed SOAP request to our service.

The schema for the service is located at:

The follow example demonstrates how to call the API from C# using the Microsoft .Net Framework.

com.nettica.www.DnsManager dns = new com.nettica.www.DnsManager();
com.nettica.www.ListResult result = dns.List( UserName, Password ); // Password must be bin.base64 encoded

for (int i=0; i < result.NumEntries; i++)
    com.nettica.www.DnsEntry entry = result.Entries[i];
    Console.WriteLine( entry.HostName + " " + entry.DomainName + " = " + entry.Data );

More Information

Before starting development, please contact Support for additional information and guidelines on implementing commercial products using our APIs. There are test accounts and domains available to verifying your client before release.

* Use of all our APIs are monitored.