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DNS Management Solutions

Nettica provides primary and secondary DNS services that allow you to manage your domains quickly and efficiently. With multiple nameservers, multiple geographic locations, and multiple network services providers, we take the worry out of managing your DNS. Our simple flat rate pricing and superior management tools give you the power you need, with no surprises on the price.

We offer our DNS services the way you want it. DNS service is free with every domain registration or transfer. If you want stand-alone DNS service, we offer both Primary and Secondary DNS service for only $10 a year. If you're looking to manage DNS services in bulk, you can purchase a block of 50 domains for $50 a year. That's as little as a dollar per domain. Our Bulk DNS Service allows you to manage your domains using multiple templates, group domains, as well as add and remove domains as necessary.

Nettica FailSafe complements our Bulk DNS Services by adding DNS failover and server monitoring. We monitor your server(s) 24x7 with our geo-located servers, and will automatically notify you via email when there is a problem, as well as automatically failover your DNS to your pre-defined backup servers.

We provide both static and dynamic DNS services for routing people to your website. Our dynamic services will update your IP in a minute, and static addresses in no more than an hour. Our primary DNS services support round-robin DNS, wildcard DNS, and sub-domains at no extra cost.

We also include HTTP URL forwarding and masking with our DNS services. URL forwarding (301 or 302) allows you to point your domain (or subdomains) to another HTTP address. This is often useful for forwarding your webmail (, or to give your personal homepage hosted with your ISP an easier to remember URL. You can also specify a port number in the URL if you want to host at home and your ISP blocks port 80. URL forwarding is only for HTTP URLs.

Our secondary services allow you to extend the redundancy and reliability of your current DNS solution. With our secondary DNS service your manage your domain using your own DNS server, and replicate the changes to our servers using "zone transfers". Our DNS servers are compatible with BIND (we do not use BIND), Microsoft DNS, and most other popular DNS servers. In addition, we have added additional features just for our secondary customers, including summary views, zone transfer checks, and more.

For business customers we offer reverse DNS service for IP address blocks of 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 addresses. You control the Ptr records for each address in your block. It is not necessary to purchase our regular forward DNS service to take advantage of our reverse DNS service, although we offer very competitive rates with our bulk service. This service is only available to customers with static IP address blocks.

Our DNS services support all top-level and country code domains. We also support the new IETF IDN "puny-code" standard for Internationalized Domain Names natively in our web UI. If you have a domain with a foreign registry and need DNS service for your new IDN domain, we fully support it in all of our DNS services.

We take the hassle out of running your own domain by providing all the services you need in a single, integrated solution. Our DNS service is straight-forward and extremely easy to use. We keep the "internet jargon" to a minimum, but if you have any questions, our FAQs and Glossary contain easy to understand answers to the most common questions.

Domain Name Registration

It's easy to register domain names with Nettica. We offer domain registration for .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz domains. Domain registrations include primary DNS service, making it easy to manage every aspect of your domain using our services. Our domain registration services allow you to register, transfer, manage, and renew domain names.

Domain registration gives you rights to use a particular domain name, such as "". It allows other people to find your server in the Internet's Domain Name System. If you have registered your domain with another registrar, that's ok, you can use our DNS or Email Services with any registrar.

If your domain is coming up for renewal, keep us in mind. We'd be happy to transfer the registration over to our services. We offer very competitive rates, and you'll receive free DNS services with each domain you transfer.

Email Services

We offer a comprehensive set of email services starting from Sender-ID compliant email forwarding, to backup mail service, to fully hosted mail solutions with webmail. All of our mail services include anti-spam and anti-virus support.

Email Forwarding allows you to receive mail for your domain, and forward it on to another address, such as your regular email address. We support "catch-all" email addresses to catch any mail not explicitly defined. Our email forwarding service is Sender-ID compliant, which means it can forward email to Hotmail accounts and other email providers that enforce Sender-ID requirements.

Our Backup Mail Service is truly powerful. In addition to simply using it as a backup for your own mail server, you can also use our service to front-end your own mail server (for example, to filter spam and viruses if your mail server cannot), it can deliver mail to servers running on non-standard ports, and much more.

Our fully hosted mail solution completely eliminates the hassles of running your own mail server. Our feature-rich webmail allows you to import contacts, has Spam reporting that actually makes a difference, WYSIWYG mail composition, and much more. Hosted mail service also includes mail forwarding services, allowing you to have your email to go multiple destinations besides inbox, such as your cellphone.