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Nettica offers a comprehensive set of email services to complement your domain. While it is not necessary to host your DNS or your Domain Registration with Nettica in order to use our email services, we do seamless integrate all of our products.

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Nettica has offered email services since 2005, and before that, actually sold an email server product. We decided to repackage it into "Software as a Service" long before the cool buzzword existed.

Our service is a credit-based system, allowing you to add, change, or enhance the email services you have using those credits. Whether you have a single domain or twenty, you only have a single renewal date for all email services. If you add service throughout the year, those purchases are pro-rated to the current expiration date (similar to our Bulk DNS Service). If you run a small business and have to replace an employee, you do not have to make a purchase to do so. You delete the old email address and add the new one. That's credits at work. Credits can also be used to increase the size of a mailbox, or increase the size of your queue (for front-end and backup services).


Since the credit system may be considered confusing to some, we also offer easy to use packages (although you can always purchase credits directly). For example, our hosted email service for up to 5 email addresses is a popular option.

Service Price/Year
Hosted Email Service, 10 Mailboxes $100.00
Hosted Email Service, 5 Mailboxes $50.00
Email Forwarding Service $35.00
Front-end Mail Service $40.00
Backup Mail Service $25.00


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