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DNS Failover and Server Monitoring Features

Nettica FailSafe is one of the most advanced monitoring and failover services on the market. As an add-on service to our Bulk DNS offering, it monitors your servers through our geo-located servers, and will automatically failover your DNS according to preset templates you define.

You can do much more than simply change the A record of a specific IP address; you can redefine all your DNS records for a group of domains. When we detect the server is back online, we reapply the original template to restore your service. We also alert you via email (with a text-only option for sending as text messages to your smartphone) whenever we failover and restore the service. We provide all the critical information in the failure notifications, and also let you add your own comments (perhaps comtaining emergency contact numbers) to allow you to better manage the situation.

But we don't stop there. In addition, we provide detailed reports and charts showing your uptime and failover time. We can even email them to you weekly and monthly.

  • 24x7 monitoring with redundant, geo-located servers
  • Powerful rules based management
  • Multiple check methods: ICMP Ping, TCP, HTTP codes or match strings
  • Round robin support: geo-located servers or single server multiple ISP
  • Email notifications on failure and recovery
  • Online and email delivery of monthly, weekly uptime charts
  • Monitoring and Failover service same low price

Nettica FailSafe Pricing

Nettica FailSafe Service requires our Bulk DNS Service. Your renewal date will be tied to your existing Bulk DNS Service, so your purchase will be pro-rated to that date. We also make upgrading check intervals, or adding more rules quick and easy. Prices below are per-rule, per-year.

Check Interval Price
30 Minutes $10.00
15 Minutes $20.00
10 Minutes $30.00
5 Minutes $60.00
3 Minutes $100.00
1 Minute $300.00