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DNS service is for customers who already own a domain name. If you do not already have one, you can register your domain with Nettica. You can also transfer your existing domain.

However, it is not necessary to register or transfer your domain name to Nettica in order to purchase our DNS service. If you are interested in buying DNS for more than five domains, you may want to check out our bulk DNS services.

For complete details on setting up our DNS services please review our DNS Services FAQ. You may also want to check out our tutorial on how to setup your basic DNS service.

Full DNS Services

Our Full DNS Services allows you to create Host (A), Mail (MX), Alias (CNAME), Text (TXT), IPv6 (AAAA) and Service (SRV) records for your domain. It supports both static and dynamic IP addresses. You can also configure the SOA values and NS records of your domain.

In addition to assigning DNS records, Full DNS service also enables URL forwarding and masking to point your domain to a specific HTTP URL. This is great for redirecting your WebMail DNS to the appropriate provider. Our URL forwarding service is search engine friendly, supports deep redirections, and will reparse URLs as appropriate.

After you purchase DNS services, you will need to go to your domain registrar and change the DNS registration for your domain to point to our DNS servers. The appropriate entries are:


Our full DNS service includes secondary services.

Our primary DNS service comes with a 100% up-time service level agreement on DNS availability.

Secondary DNS Services

If you already have DNS service for your domain(s), but need the additional reliability we offer with our geographically and topologically diverse locations, then our Secondary DNS service is for you.

With our secondary DNS service you get two additional name servers on separate networks to add to your own collection of servers.

With our secondary service it may also be possible to rebrand our DNS service as your own. (This is an advanced feature not suitable for all customers).

After you purchase secondary service, you will need to add the following name servers to your domain registration at your registrar:


DNS Service Pricing

Service Price
Full DNS Service (per year) $10.00
Secondary DNS Service (per year) $10.00

In order to purchase DNS services, you must have an account with us. Register Now to purchase DNS Services. If you're already a registered user, simply login.