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DNS for Home and Business

Nettica provides a comprehensive list of DNS services for home and business.

DNS for Home DNS for Business
DNS for Dynamic IP Addresses Primary or Secondary DNS Service
Free Dynamic IP Update Client Bulk DNS Services
URL Forwarding and Masking DNS Failover and Server Monitoring
A, CNAME, and MX Records Support SPF Records & Yahoo DomainKeys
Reverse DNS (Premium Service)

DNS services are essential for allowing people to find your website or email server. Nettica offers DNS services the way you want it. Basic primary DNS services are free with a domain registration or transfer. If you're just looking for DNS service, we offer both primary and secondary stand-alone DNS service. If you need DNS service for multiple domains, we offer Bulk DNS services in blocks of 50 domains. Our reverse DNS service is a premium service not bundled with any of our other DNS offerings. It allows you to assign PTR records giving you complete control of your IP address block. All of our services are extremely easy to use.

Primary DNS Service Features

Our primary DNS services support (at no additional cost):

  • DNS Service on five globally distributed nameservers
  • A, MX, CNAME, TXT, SRV, AAAA, SOA, and NS records
  • Support external secondaries (your own or other services that provide secondary service)
  • Seach-engine friendly HTTP URL forwarding for domain and subdomains
  • TTLs as low as one minute
  • Internationalized domain names (IDN)
  • Subdomains (including blind subdomain NS delegations)
  • Wildcard DNS records
  • Round-robin DNS entries
  • 100% up-time service level agreement

Secondary DNS Service Features

Our secondary DNS services allows you to add redundancy and reliability to your current DNS solution. Our secondary servers run on separate networks in geographically dispersed locations adding fault tolerance and load balancing to your DNS server. Except for creating the secondary zone and setting the IP address to your master DNS server, you configure and manage all aspects of your DNS service using your own server.

  • DNS Service on two globally distributed nameservers
  • Zone management from your master DNS server
  • Easy setup and verification of zone transfers
  • Summary view to quickly verify proper setup of all your domains
  • Force refresh from master

DNS Service Prices

Service Price/Year
Basic DNS Service (Primary or Secondary) $10.00
Bulk DNS Service - per block of 50 domains $50.00
Reverse DNS Service $16 - $510.00

If you have questions about our services please review our DNS Services FAQ. This FAQ addresses many of the common questions we receive regarding our services.