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These articles have been written by our staff to help you get the most out of your connected lifestyle. If you find the information useful, feel free to link to the article on your own site or send the link to a friend. If you have a suggestion for an article, please send your feedback to support.

Personalizing your blog with its own domain
Learn how Nettica makes it easy to personalize your blog with its own domain.
Setting Up Remote Desktop for the Internet
How to setup Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop to use over the Internet.
How to Set Up Your Nettica DNS Service
Tutorial on how to setup your Nettica DNS Service including examples.
Using Nettica Bulk DNS Services
How to guide for setting up and using Nettica bulk DNS services.
Using Nettica FailSafe Services
How to guide for using Nettica FsilSafe Services effectively.
Setting Up Reverse DNS
An in-depth article explaining all you never wanted to know about Reverse DNS.
Rebranding Nettica's Primary DNS Service
In-depth FAQ on rebranding Nettica's Primary DNS Service for our bulk customers.
Enabling Zone Transfers to External Secondary DNS Servers
How to enable zone transfers to external DNS servers.