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We love our customers, and our customers love us. Here is just a sampling of some of the email we've received:

"Thank you very much, I will have to admit though, I never got this fast of a response from EasyDNS, I am glad that I am moving over to a company that does what they say on their home page; I look forward to using your service many years into the future."
--Rick R.

"This IS the best support I've seen in a while! Keep up the good work! Thanks"
--Dustin T.

"Of all our dependencies you guys are easily the best; kudos on the availability and continued support. We wouldn’t (easily) be able to test our product without your service."
-- Peter L.

"I'd like to compliment you on your business model, the site is professionally presented and easy to follow and your assistance has been excellent and well appreciated."
-- John M.

"Of all the DNS hosts, we've never heard of anyone being as helpful and as willing to help as yourselves."
-- Alan W.

"You guys are the best! You will not believe the pain I have been thru with other DNS providers. Thank you for specializing in DNS only instead of trying to do everything. Now if I could only find a hosting provider of the same quality. Nettica has set a new standard in Internet DNS service quality."
-- Mark P.

"Thanks for all, and I mean all your efforts. I don't know of any support group who would crank out a version change on their software just because some unknown said he couldn't get it to work. Anybody need their car washed ??
-- Douglas H.

"Thanks for getting back to me. If I can't find my logon credentials, I'll probably bug you again, otherwise, thanks for the direction and we love you guys cuz we never notice you. You just work. Like a good referee ;)"
-- Ron C.

"Your interface is incredibly well done and very easy to use. Your system runs fast and reliable. On top of that it runs Microsoft... sorry I am not a MS fan as I run all Linux. Considering your background you probably know Microsoft products better than anyone."
-- Todd C.

"Also let me say that Nettica has the best customer service I have experienced at any company (tech and traditional included)."
-- Lon L.

"Thank you for you bottomless patience with me it is appreciated more than you know. Here's to a very long relationship with you organization, you have proven that service is important to your organization."
-- David W.

"Please pass along my thanks to everyone for your wonderful service. We fought for so long with unreliable or hard-to-change DNS providers, it has been great to find you guys."
-- Mark L.

"Thanks for the outstanding support… I’d heard of this before moving over to Nettica and it’s true. I appreciate it."
-- Brian Z.

"I just wanted to thank you for all the assistance you've provided to me. I have now decommissioned my Exchange server and moved my mail hosting to Nettica because of the excellent prices and customer service. Thank you again for continuing to make my relationship with your company so wonderful."
-- Derek L.