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Our network architecture has been built from the ground up with reliability in mind. We have redundant network service providers, redundant physical servers, geographically and topologically separate locations--all coming together to provide you the best possible service.

Nettica Network Map

Unlike some of the competition, our servers can be pinged and monitored. We provide a rich topology that gives you the reliablity you're looking for. We do not use IP anycasting in our network as it is prone to regional outages that can affect your website's availability, while going completely undetected by monitoring services located in a different region.

Network Service Providers

We use multiple service providers to ensure your website is always available. Below is just a sampling of our service providers.

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Services and Locations

Server IP Address Location Service Seattle, WA DNS New York, NY DNS Seattle, WA DNS Dallas, TX DNS London, England DNS Atlanta, GA Mail Services